Europa Studio rates

The studio is equipped with the latest in digital recording equipment. Pro tools, Qbase, A dat. We can basically produce professional quality recordings. To name a few of our friends who have used the studio in a way or another to record, mix etc:
The Realm, Nancy Atlas, Jim , Ms. Koerner, Mr. Michael Siftka.

Studio time fee structure

studio usage: $ 30 per hour
Engineer from $ 25 to $ 70 per hour. Producer $ 50 per hour
We have access to the best and most extensive musician roster in the Hamptons.
Rates from $30 to $100 per hour.

To name a few

Brian leclerck: solo guitar, Michael Hennessy: guitar, artist, producer and singer songwriter. Paulie: bass, Karl Obrig, Sax and percussions, James Bernard: drums, Jay Schneiderman: Congas, Jimmy gorman, bass, Alex drums, Bosco: guitar, Alfredo Merat: Artist, producer, singer songwriter. Michael Siftka , producer, singer songwriter. John Brosa, artist, guitar & singer songwriter. Peter Weiss: standup bass, Karl Vogel: trumpet

Europa Studio Project
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