PRESS RELEASE (short and long version)

"Europa Jam Sessions"

The popular evening, assembling some of the best musicians and performing artists in the area will begin April 4 th at Saracen Restaurant in Wainscott and April 10th at the Stephen Talk House. Check the Talk House schedule and call for details or get the next confirmed date and location in the night life section of the newspaper.

These sessions will be recorded and available for download via the Overseas Records web site. Tel: 631 725 9308 ask for Alfredo or his cell @ 516 835 0557 for details.

At the core is Europa's sound, but invited artists take the center stage, allowing the music to change, move and grow...A final compilation of live recordings and CDs will have a selection of the best moments, grooves, jams and songs performed. This is a new and unique opportunity to promote some of the best performing artists in the area and give all of us an opportunity to work in a group ensemble.

The music takes on a "life of it's own" by virtue of what instruments are in the mix. This is a true and organic way to make "Original House Music". As Jazz musicians would do. The artists, given the chord selection, improvises, adds, and changes the feel of the music. The results can be exciting and fun.
I listen to a lot of world music and so my groove tends to go that way, but all you need is a trumpet, a bass riff, and a new beat to take me elsewhere.
To name a few of the "Europa" performing artists: At the core and our back bone so the sound and music stays true to itself and in the right tone:

Alfredo Merat - Vocals and Guitar.
Brian Leclerck - Guitar & vocals.
James Bernard - Drums.
Jay Schneiderman - Congas and Hand Drums.
Paulie - Bass, Sax & Flute.
Carl Obrig - Sax(s) and Percussions.
Alex Sarkis - Drums.
Michael Hennessy - Guitar & vocals.
Rachel - Violin
Haim - Drums and Hand Drums
Bosco Milne - Guitar.
Jeff Marshall - Bass.
Carl Voguel - Trumpet.
I would love to include you in this list, just call me and let's get together at one of our next sessions!
Let's jam.

-Alfredo Merat

Europa Studio Project
Overseas Records
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