Alfredo Merat, Born in Spain in Aug 1961 and raised in Bordeaux France.

Alfredo's music leads him to a tightly focused source of inspiration. Jazz based with coloration of French club music the sound is narrow but deep. Repeating modal chord structures allow the individual soloists great room for improvisational themes while keeping the straight-ahead thrust of the music centered. An informed listener explained succinctly:" Once you set the limits (of where the music will go) you have the ultimate freedom to explore possibilities within them." the resulting effect is reminiscent of Pat Metheney and Lyle Mays on "Falls Wichita" this is the music that drifts and flows like the tides. The NY. times 1998

Self taught and ear trained musician, Alfredo toured France and Europe. Performing in resorts and restaurants, he began the Cafe Theatre circuit at age 17 . From Classical and Flamenco to Jazz and Rock.

His mentors range from Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf, to today The Cure or U2 and others of whom World Music influences have taken over.
In France he opened up for or played at venues that hosted artists such as Bernard Lavillier, Charles Dumont at The Temps des Cerises, l'Olympia in Paris, La Cour des miracles, L'echanson in Bordeaux. These venues helped Alfredo launch a good local following and was critically acclaimed in France as a " new talent in the making."

Alfredo a.k.a. Europa and began performing in many venues, private parties, political events and fund raisers. He also sang for the Ross family, Billy Joel, and Quincy Jones. He has played several nationally acclaimed stages such as the Stephen Talk House in Amagansett .
Alfredo brings in a fresh Euro World mix and a new sound . His new material as a solo artist explores different genres but revolves around his travels, discoveries and beliefs. Rhythmically upbeat and with songs like "Brazil" or "la Verdad " ,"Guernika", "Afrika" he will transport any audience to the edge of their seats or simply provide a wonderful musical background for your needed and or desired atmosphere. Whether singing solo in English, Spanish or French or with a number of local musicians such as ;
Jay Schneiderman - Congas and Hand Drums, Brian Leclerck - Guitar & vocals, James Bernard - Drums,Paulie - Bass, Sax & Flute. Carl Obrig - Sax(s) and Percussions, Alex Sarkis - Drums, Michael Hennessy - Guitar & vocals, Rachel - Violin, Haim - Drums and Hand Drums, Bosco Milne - Guitar, Jeff Marshall - Bass, Carl Vogel - Trumpet amd more.
You can see alfredo live at: Saracen restaurant, The Stephen Talk House 2002, The Ruby Red lounge Belles cafe South.

Alfredo owns his own recording studio and Label, Europa Studios in Sag Harbor. Alfredo is also producing Lounge and Euro House music to be soon released by his label OverseasRecords Ltd and works with several local artists.


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