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When you come to see them, even when they play acoustic, you can only look at them in wonder, as their vocals chords dance and navigate around the warm sound that emerges from their wide-open mouths in perfect symbiosis with one another. And whether harmony or not, it leaves you in wonder...is this really happening? And yes, you wake up at the end of that tune and say to yourself... I want more. Toren's guitar playing and sound is great, always swirling around chords and notes that emerge out of his guitar and their singing is totally in sync...not loud or too low, real and piercing at times. Also every song performed from the CD is as good as when they do it with the entire band. Their dynamics, rendition, and for a duet to be as good...with patrons asking to buy their CD and inviting them over for a drink...you know they are special. Look for them on August 1st at the Stephen Talk House in Amagansett for their upcoming CD release party and our Europa
"Fight For Live Music effort".

Tanya Michelle


Europa Studio Project
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