I have decided to rename Europa Studios and inserted the very important word, REVOLUTION. The meaning of this crucial word for me, stands for an upcoming battle with all that stops and endangers any new and original music, also live music with real instruments, or anything and anyone who threatens our creativity or makes fun of our passion. Lastly, anything and anyone that infringes on our civil liberties, our ability to express ourselves musically, or earn a decent living as professionals .

All across America, villages, cities, and towns are writing "zoning codes" to limit our abilities to perform in restaurants, clubs, and event venues. We resent these local laws that infringe upon our civil liberties and want to put a stop to them before it is too late. These local laws are slowly endangering our ability to earn a living as musicians, performers and even to express ourselves. Here we are complaining about the poor quality of music on the radio and TV and we are blocking anyone from being able to do any music, to create and earn a living.

FYI: (see New York times article by Tom Clavin) It is illegal to now play music in many New York and Hampton villages and I am sure all across America. We call on you to protect our freedom of speech, freedom of expression and our most basic constitutional rights that are being infringed upon. We need to speak out and hire legal experts to fight this so that music lives and survives. Any extreme is wrong. A band playing from 4 to 9 pm or even to 11 pm is not illegal or even noisy... a CD player is louder and is legal! It makes no sense.. let's make sure we write these laws correctly, fairly and within the spirit of our most basic constitutional rights. WE will challenge these laws and take this matter to the highest court, the State Supreme Court if we have to and we will seek damages in the name of all of us that have been done wrong.

We will stand strong against fear, the status quo, the forces of evil that bring us down as musicians, artists, and performers. This includes the major and global commercial entities that have blocked any small efforts. We need SMALL verses BIG, independent and local music outlets for our children who are told to learn an instrument and could aspire to make a decent living as musicians...

The celebrity, fame, and fortune we are constantly bombarded with by the major media outlets needs to end. Too little for many and too much for the selected few.

More of us need to be able to present what our times, creations, and songs represent verses too much of the same repeated and boring music!

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